Who am I

Great team player with deep technical expertise. A person for whom learning is a part of lifestyle. Customer focused, practical problem solver. Has very strong ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment. Intelligent and open-minded. A hobby is music in all of its manifestations (listening, playing, writing).

I'm really good at

  • listening
  • asking right questions
  • finding solutions
  • explaining complicated stuff in simple words
  • finding common ground with different people
  • creating processes that are easy to follow
  • simplifying and removing what is not needed

What I’m looking to do next

I'm interested in creation of great experiences. Make products that people are delighted to use. Build environment where individuals can open their full potential.


  • share knowledge with others
  • do research
  • experiment
  • automate as much as possible
  • create teams that could solve any problems

Just imagine what I can bring you.


Solutions Architect (2018 — Present)
Helping clients to solve their problems around the globe
GDG Riga organizer (2015 — 2019)
Organized more than 25 different IT related meetups
DevFest Baltics core organizer (2017, 2018)
One of those who made conference possible
1st developer in Latvia who spoke publicly about Docker (2015)
At conference “WebConf Riga 2015” talked about Docker and how to use it in development


Oct 5, 2020
Influence of Minimalism
Jul 19, 2020
Git Sweet Git
Jun 24, 2020
About Those Behind The Curtains

Others say

In a day with the team, Sergey was able to precisely identify the core challenges (regarding both process and architecture) and was able to propose an actionable set of priorities to address.
Janis Strods
Co-Founder of Edurio
Sergey stands out, not only thanks to his technical capability but always with an easy way to explain for everyone to comprehend.
Shinji Shirai
Project Manager at Swiss Re
He's a quick thinker and a person who takes the initiative and actions to make things happen / achieve things in timely manner.
Richardson Soegito
Technical Consultant at Swiss Re

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