Sergey Kibish

Experienced Multifunctional
Software Engineer
Sergey Kibish Sergey Kibish
Great team player with deep technical expertise. A person for whom learning is a part of lifestyle. Customer focused, practical problem solver. Has very strong ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment. Intelligent and open-minded. A hobby is music in all of its manifestations (listening, playing, writing).
What I’m looking to do next

I'm interested in creation of great experiences. Make products that people are delighted to use. Build environment where individuals can open their full potential.


  • share knowledge with others
  • do research
  • experiment
  • automate as much as possible
  • create teams that could solve any problems
Just imagine what I can bring you.

I'm really good at
  • listening
  • asking right questions
  • finding solutions
  • explaining complicated stuff in simple words
  • finding common ground with different people
  • creating processes that are easy to follow
  • simplifying and removing what is not needed
How people describe me (strongest sides)
  • positive
  • smart
  • reliable
  • inventive
Side projects

Side projects, which I'm happy to show are:

They are quite popular. But I don't have so many of them. Because a lot is happening at work. And they are not open source. Take a look at my talks, presentations, thoughts and music that I've made down below.

For other projects and what I explore in the IT world you can check my GitHub.

GDG Riga organizer (2015 — 2019)
Organized more than 25 different IT related meetups
DevFest Baltics core organizer (2017, 2018)
One of those who made conference possible
1st developer in Latvia who spoke publicly about Docker (2015)
At conference “WebConf Riga 2015” talked about Docker and how to use it in development
Ran in “Nike Riga Run” 10km marathon (2012, 2015)
Completed them faster each time
Lost 30kg (2014)
Realized, that it is time to change something in myself. Continue to change
No smoking, No drinking (from the beginning of life — Present)
Yes, it is possible
10 km
My latest articles
Influence of Minimalism
Git Sweet Git
About Those Behind The Curtains
He's a quick thinker and a person who takes the initiative and actions to make things happen / achieve things in timely manner.
Richardson Soegito
Technical Design Consultant at Swiss Re
Sergey is an exceptionally talented developer who understands what it takes to put an overall solution/architecture in place.
David Bole
Director at Neueda
Sergey rapidly became one of our most skilled developers. I was also impressed by his skill to explain his concepts, ideas and solutions to other team members.
Dmitry Morozov
Head of IT Department at Transact Pro
He is distinguished by a systematic and careful approach in the organisation of his work, and by ability thoroughly and accurately solve the problems.
Elena Yurshevich
Data Scientist / Digital Data Associate Manager at Accenture
Very motivated, ability to learn and with excellent communication skills. He has good potential in R&D. Very intelligent and open-minded.
Irina Jackiva
Vice-rector for education at TSI
An obsession with exploring and learning new technologies makes him a team member you’d love to work with.
Aleksandrs Antonovs
Golang Developer at Evoke Gaming
Great public speaker and colleague.
Andrejs Mironovs
Java Developer at TWINO
I was surprised with his global view on the projects and great attention to all the details. He is very talented and I do recommend him as the greatest asset to any company.
Solomia Lozynska
Project Manager at United Thinkers
Sergey is a self-motivated, reliable, knowledgeable and responsible person.
Nghi Le Vinh
Software Developer at Nordea