Sergey Kibish
Problem Solver. Sorting Chaos.

Who am I

Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in tech (mainly fintech and insurtech). I create clarity where there was confusion/chaos before. I am an expert in listening to customers, understanding their needs and requirements. I make clients happy by solving problems in the simplest ways possible.

I’m walking the path of the Jedi. I started as a young padawan and grew into who I am now, fighting with illogical and unneeded complexities. Along the way gathered hard skills in the backend, DevOps, Cloud, QA, frontend and a little bit of mobile. As a true Jedi, I’ve learned to manipulate abstractions (boxes and arrows). I have an ability to identify the customer’s needs and pain points. I mentor peers and lead by example.

I'm really good at

  • Dealing with change, surprises, and unexpected problems
  • Figuring out how different people can work together productively
  • Making unintelligible or complex ideas, plans, procedures, or regulations easy to understand
  • Remaining calm in the face of unexpected changes, obstacles, or challenges
  • Turning thoughts into actions
  • Finding solutions

What I'm looking to do next

In my next endeavor, I aim to leverage my experiences to help build great teams that can create products loved by many. I will define the vision and serve as the voice of the customer when communicating with others.

Additionally, I would be delighted to represent you at developer conferences, events, hackathons, and with the technical press and educational blogs.

Just imagine what I can bring you.


Principal Engineer (2023 — )
Helping moving things forward and gluing pieces together
Solutions Architect (2018 — 2023)
Helping clients solving problems around the globe
GDG Riga organizer (2015 — 2019)
Organized more than 25 different IT related meetups
DevFest Baltics core organizer (2017, 2018)
One of those who made conferences possible
1st developer in Latvia who spoke publicly about Docker (2015)
At conference “WebConf Riga 2015” talked about Docker and how to use it in development


Nov 2, 2023

Bunny Sync: Handy Upload Helper

Sep 16, 2023

Setting Up a Terraform Pipeline in Azure DevOps

Sep 15, 2023

Cosmos DB API for MongoDB dump and restore

Others say

His ability to solve complex problems with simple and elegant solutions clearly demonstrates his mastery of the modern software architecture discipline.
Larry Xu
Senior Solution Architect at Swiss Re
I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to quickly adjust to client’s needs and to handle daily requests from the client very efficiently and fast.
Svitlana Volochai
Senior Manager at BearingPoint
In a day with the team, Sergey was able to precisely identify the core challenges (regarding both process and architecture) and was able to propose an actionable set of priorities to address.
Janis Strods
Co-Founder at Edurio