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Bunny Sync: Handy Upload Helper

(1 minutes read)

Sync local files effortlessly with Bunny Sync, a simple CLI tool designed for Bunny Storage users. No FTP fuss, no waiting for APIs - just quick and straightforward syncing.

Setting Up a Terraform Pipeline in Azure DevOps

(3 minutes read)

Are you ready to automate your Terraform deployments using Azure DevOps? In this short post, I'll walk you through creating a Terraform pipeline using Azure YAML Pipelines.

Cosmos DB API for MongoDB dump and restore

(2 minutes read)

Ever wondered if you can perform an offline migration from one Cosmos DB API for MongoDB to another using native MongoDB database tools? It's not only possible, but I'll walk you through the process step by step. Let's get started.

Who the heck is a Full-Stack Developer?

(13 minutes read)

Thinking about the term "Full-Stack Developer" made me realize that it's a highly overloaded term that has most likely lost its meaning (if it had any) in 2023. In this post, we will explore who Full-Stack Developers are and whether they still exist or not.

Interview Process from Scratch

(11 minutes read)

In 2018, I gave a talk at DACHfest 2018 called "Interview Process From Scratch". This post is based on that talk. I decided to finally put it in written form because I had learned a lot during that time and wanted to preserve that knowledge. As the saying goes, history often repeats itself, so it's better to have a written record of what you've done previously and why, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Running Azure Functions in Kubernetes is Evil

(5 minutes read)

You might be tempted to run Azure Functions with help of Docker images in Kubernetes. It is possible, Azure maintains Azure Functions Docker images to help you with that. In this post, I will outline the reasons why running Azure Functions in Kubernetes should be avoided.


Saving Test Results from the Kubernetes Job

(5 minutes read)

At some point in life you might find yourself running E2E (end-to-end) test suite using Kubernetes cluster. Such tests are relatively short living processes (they born to run the test and die when are finished). The question is: How to get the generated test report from the container in Kubernetes?

Implementing Microsoft REST API Filter

(8 minutes read)

Enterprise organizations try to adapt Microsoft REST API Guidelines as a basis for their services more and more. Something is simple to follow, something is not, like $filter. In this post I will show you how to work with $filter outside the Microsoft tooling.

Get AAD Token Quickly

(1 minutes read)

During my work duties I need to generate AAD (Azure Active Directory) tokens to verify various things. I've build a tool to do it faster!

Clean Your Twitter Feed

(1 minutes read)

The lifespan of those tweets is very small, 18 minutes, few days maximum. Why to keep all of those tweets in a feed if they are not relevant anymore?

Tables, Dating and Reflections

(7 minutes read)

Today is the day when people go on dates, confess in love and do various romantic things. In this post I'll share my dating experience, thoughts, tips and learnings collected on a journey of ~3 years, approximately.


Backend Developers on Hackathons Are Not Needed

(1 minutes read)

Backend developers on hackathons are not needed. You've heard that right. The main goal of the startup hackathons (or any other) is to validate the idea in a limited time that the product you build is needed by people in the room.

How to Backup to Backblaze B2 with Rclone and keep the network alive

(6 minutes read)

I'm living in a place with not the fastest internet download/upload (39/12 Mbps) speeds. It took some time to tune all the parameters of the Rclone to successfully create an initial backup (around 400GB) and keep the network alive during the upload to Backblaze B2.

It Depends

(3 minutes read)

Have you ever noticed the more experience you gain, the more often you can't answer some questions straight away? Have you ever caught yourself starting an answer with "it depends"? Again and again? Me too. But why does this happen? Let's think about it.


(4 minutes read)

Can't believe that I wrote DDNS 4 years ago, in 2017. And my first blog post was related to it. I had thoughts for a long time that it's time to rewrite it and finally it happened! This week DDNS v4 has been released. In this blog post I want to walk you through my thought process behind v4 and what influenced its rewrite. It's time for a retro.


Influence of Minimalism

(5 minutes read)

I follow minimalism thinking for some long period of time. It helps me to navigate in this world, make choices, grow and expand area of my freedom. I would like to share how minimalism influences me as an engineer and my life in general. How thinking works in my head.

Git Sweet Git

(8 minutes read)

Your Git repository is like your home. You want it to be a nice and comfortable place for you. And you want to keep it clean and ready for guests. Yes, sometimes it's a mess after a party but still, you know how to clean everything and get back a shiny house.

About Those Behind The Curtains

(10 minutes read)

About developers, operations, SREs and many others who make your business running. Those behind the curtains. I want you to think about the Developers Experience (DX).

Journey From Object-oriented Language to Go

(18 minutes read)

A story of transformation. About Object-oriented programming and Go in general. About mistakes that I made during the journey from Object-oriented language to Go.


A Note About Finding Anomalies

(12 minutes read)

This article is inspired by the research done during studies in the university. Goal of this article is to act as a note and reminder that finding anomalies is not a trivial task (currently).


Your Personal DDNS

(5 minutes read)

Created own and free DDNS service. Here you can find out how I did it.