Bunny Sync: Handy Upload Helper

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So, I’m testing Bunny to host this site you’re on, and guess what? Uploading files to Bunny Storage isn’t as straightforward as you’d hope. That’s why I rolled up my sleeves and created Bunny Sync — a small CLI tool I thought you might find useful!

What’s Bunny Sync?

Just an easy way to sync your local files to Bunny Storage. No fancy stuff, just a quick solution without the fuss.

How to Use

bunnysync \
  -src ./your_folder \
  -zone-name $STORAGE_ZONE_NAME \

Why Bunny Sync?

  • No FTP headaches.
  • No waiting around for Bunny’s elusive S3 API.
  • No need for complex curl setups.

Check out the Real-life usage example.

Ready to Dive In?

Download Bunny Sync

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