Bunny Sync: Handy Upload Helper

(1 minutes read)

Sync local files effortlessly with Bunny Sync, a simple CLI tool designed for Bunny Storage users. No FTP fuss, no waiting for APIs - just quick and straightforward syncing.


Get AAD Token Quickly

(1 minutes read)

During my work duties I need to generate AAD (Azure Active Directory) tokens to verify various things. I've build a tool to do it faster!

Clean Your Twitter Feed

(1 minutes read)

The lifespan of those tweets is very small, 18 minutes, few days maximum. Why to keep all of those tweets in a feed if they are not relevant anymore?



(4 minutes read)

Can't believe that I wrote DDNS 4 years ago, in 2017. And my first blog post was related to it. I had thoughts for a long time that it's time to rewrite it and finally it happened! This week DDNS v4 has been released. In this blog post I want to walk you through my thought process behind v4 and what influenced its rewrite. It's time for a retro.


Your Personal DDNS

(5 minutes read)

Created own and free DDNS service. Here you can find out how I did it.