Islands and Bridges

(2 minutes to read)

They all live on islands. All islands are unique and only one can live on each.

Islands are different. Of different sizes, environments and shapes. Some have a little bungalow, surfboard and sun. Other has an asphalt, noise of tiers and cool cars. That one behind has an island which looks like a library with beautiful books. On some there is always raining. Not like a regular islands, indeed.

There are bridges between them. Not all of them have connections. Seems like some bridges have just begun to be built. They are built from wood and ropes. Not strong enough to walk confidently, but carefully. There are stronger bridges from materials that are impossible to break. Sages whisper those materials are not from this world.

They can visit each other. But they can’t stay there forever. Even if they liked something very much, or someone, they have their island to take care of. They can’t take anything with them. They can take inspiration, an idea, a lesson.

Bridges connect many islands. Each morning they see that somebody is jogging around and wish them good luck. Some go around and share the news. Some teach new skills and share wisdom. Some arrange fantastic breakfasts and join everyone together. Even if those islands are a match in heaven, they can’t stay on those islands.

Sometimes new islands pop up very near. New inhabitants. They start to build bridges, share, know each other.

There are moments when islands disappear for them and others stay. The common thing that can be observed: breaking noise and lights of fire when bridges are burned.

They learned that keeping bridges need effort and investment from parties with whom connections are made. Otherwise, bridges start to lose strength, their beauty. With those who do not help to keep bridges in a good shape — connections end. It’s better for everyone to burn those bridges. They don’t want to be connected and that’s okay. No need to keep such bridges near their islands. Bridges can be burned forever or because they want to build them from a different, stronger material. Both are very beautiful moments to observe because doors start to open for something new.

They learned to choose which islands to connect, wisely. Sometimes they make mistakes and learn this hard way. But there is always a place where they can recharge and take a break. Their island.

Remember about it. And take care of it.

Your only island.

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