Others Say

I don’t like to speak about myself and what I do and am capable of. This might sound fake like advertising on social media. For me it is more valuable to hear what others say about me.

Svitlana Volochai

Manager at BearingPoint

Very knowledgeable and super-efficient is what comes to my mind when I think about Sergey. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sergey for 12 months between 2020 and 2021 when we were closely working together on implementation of an automated underwriting solution for one of the biggest insurer in Asia-Pacific. Sergey played a leading role on the technical side of the implementation.

I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to quickly adjust to client’s needs and to handle daily requests from the client very efficiently and fast. Also, the client was impressed with the way Sergey worked and on multiple occasions has expressed his gratitude for Sergey’s excellent support.

Sergey is easy to work with and he will be a true asset to any team or any challenging project opportunity.

Christian Liechti

Head Magnum APAC a.i. at Swiss Re

I worked with Sergey on various projects across Asia over the last 3+ years. His problem-solving skills, client centricity and technical knowhow are very impressive. I personally enjoy working with Sergey as he is very open minded and capable of explaining complex background so that non-tech people (like myself) are able to understand. He is very curious and interested to immerse himself into new areas and new challenges. I have received very positive feedback from our clients on how Sergey is managing complex projects/situations and contributing in a relevant and meaningful way.

Janis Strods

Co-Founder at Edurio

Sergey provided advice on how Edurio should adapt our software development processes and architecture, as we are gaining market traction. In a day with the team, Sergey was able to precisely identify the core challenges (regarding both process and architecture) and was able to propose an actionable set of priorities to address. Sergey also demonstrated a clear understanding of the development team’s challenges in the wider company context, linking his suggestions with Edurio’s business and product goals.

Shinji Shirai

Project Manager at Swiss Re

Sergey is the dream architect & developer for every project manager!

Over one year ago, I met Sergey and had a chance to work with Sergey in one of the projects in Asia, which I was temporarily assigned as an overall project manager. Although after I stepped down from the project manager role, the project manager involved me in the project from the sideline.

Imagine projects in Asia; it does not always work like in the West. It does not mean wrong but merely different. Even this difficult to manage the environment, Sergey stands out, not only thanks to his technical capability but always with an easy way to explain for everyone to comprehend. Sergey still maintained his calmness during some of hectic as well as some critical issues popped up. He played a vital role in the success of this project.

Besides the project work, I also had a chance to know a bit more about the personal side of Sergey. He is open and not complicated at all, and we had a lot of fun together.

In any projects, especially if they are challenging ones, every project manager would be lucky to have Sergey in your team!

Richardson Soegito

Technical Consultant at Swiss Re

I’ve been working together with Sergey on multiple systems integration projects and successfully delivered. As a team, it has always been a great pleasure working with him. He’s resourceful and well experienced full-stack solutions architect who never fails in providing solutions and professional consulting service (from front-end/backend solutions, mobile technologies, stretching to infra/cloud related topics). He’s a quick thinker and a person who takes the initiative and actions to make things happen / achieve things in timely manner. His out-of-the-box thinking and technical recommendations are spot on and his contribution to the projects that we have been working on can be easily seen and felt. He’s such a valuable asset for the team and we shall create more success stories in future.

David Bole

Director at Neueda

Sergey is an exceptionally talented developer who understands what it takes to put an overall solution/architecture in place. He brings the following skills to every project:

  • Deep technical expertise
  • Customer focus, collaboration and clear communication
  • Curiosity and practical problem solving

I look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.

Dmitry Morozov

CTO at Paydoo

Working for Transact Pro, Sergey proved himself as a professional developer, able to work both on existing projects support and new systems development. Being a fast learner, Sergey rapidly became one of our most skilled developers, evolving from fresh graduate in a very short term.

Mostly back-end developer, Sergey showed strong skills in front-end, devops, and also participated into our raspberry pi cluster building.

I was also impressed by his skill to explain his concepts, ideas and solutions to other team members — and check that others got his idea.

Sergey definitely would be valuable member to any team.

Jelena Kijonoka

Data Scientist/Digital Data Associate Manager at Accenture

I know Sergey since 2014. We met at my lectures about Computer Methods of Data Analysis under the Bachelor’s program of Computer Science. Further he continued to study in my disciplines connected with the Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Data Analysis in Master study program in the field of Computer Science. Also I have been a scientific supervisor of his master thesis, that was brilliantly defended in 2017.

The topic of this thesis was Anomaly Identification in the Dynamic Environments Using Methods of Advanced Analytics. For all the time of our acquaintance, I watched his personal and professional growth. He demonstrated brilliant analytical abilities, well-founded knowledge of theoretical basis in the Deep Learning, Advanced Analytics and ability to use them correctly and creatively in practice using modern tools.

It should be noted that Sergey is able to quickly master new knowledge and skills in limited time period. Writing his master work, Sergey demonstrated abilities and skills of time management, the ability to correctly set tasks, stress resistance, ability to plan and manage the processes, independence and ability to present the results in front of the audience on scientific and professional conferences completely and systematically.

He is distinguished by a systematic and careful approach in the organisation of his work, and by ability thoroughly and accurately solve the problems.

Definitely Sergey has become a high-quality specialist in the field of Data Science and Advanced Analytics and will certainly be able to demonstrate his profound knowledge and professional skills as a specialist in the relevant fields.

Irina Jackiva

Vice-rector for education at TSI

Sergey was one of our best master student and with high-estimated Master Thesis. Very motivated, ability to learn and with excellent communication skills. By my opinion, he has very strong ability to work in a interdisciplinary environment and ability to incorporate existing knowledge. He has good potential in R&D. Very Intelligent and open-minded.

Aleksandrs Antonovs

Software Engineer at FAST TRACK

Sergey’s skills and an obsession with exploring and learning new technologies makes him a team member you’d love to work with. Constantly growing software developer with not only an ability to work in a team, but also with great organizational skills bringing valuable contribution to every project he participates in.

Andrejs Mironovs

Senior Software Engineer at Luminor

Sergey is a full-stack developer, great public speaker and colleague I was happy to work with. I would describe his work as “precise” — thought-out, carefully implemented and always in-time. Sergey is a person for whom learning is a part of lifestyle. As active member of GDG Riga group he doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge publicly. Sergey is a great team-player — responsive, reliable, ready to help and open for constructive critics.

Neils Rubens

Senior Data Scientist at Visa

Sergey was a top student in the Data Science class that I was teaching. His data product idea has received a “Data Product Finalist” award; he proposed an innovative approach to anomaly detection.

Solomia Lozynska

Project Manager at United Thinkers

Sergey is a professional IT specialist! His competence is out of the question and if he is not sure in some points, he will get the knowledge or a resource to solve the problem asap. I was surprised with his global view on the projects and great attention to all the details. He is very talented and I do recommend him as the greatest asset to any company.

Nghi Le Vinh

Senior Software Developer at Nordea

Sergey was our scrum master in a mobile application project we did at PROMAND 2014 in Poland. Not only excelling in management tasks, he also rolled up his sleeves to join us in developing and testing the app and proved to be a good developer as well. Not only did he work hard, but he also knew the right tools to work smart and productively as well. Sergey is a self-motivated, reliable, knowledgeable and responsible person. I heartily recommend Sergei and would be too happy to work with him again.

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